Roswell High School Branding

RE: Roswell High School Brand Request Form

Dear Hornet Community,

Roswell High School has recently gone through a re-branding. The website to hold the
Branding Guidelines and downloadable Logo files is under construction. We understand everyone is excited to have the cohesive look on Campus. In the interim, please click RHS Brand Usage Form for the request form process to protect the brand.

The abovementioned document is for you to request RHS Brand Elements for your project and a condensed visual of those elements can be found below for reference only. If production of the project is being done by an outside vendor, it is easier for the branding team to work directly with that company. The request form will need to be filled out by the RHS individual/group ordering the product. One form should be filled out for each project and usage of the logos will be for that project only. Exceptions to this will be usage by vendors under contract with Roswell High School for items like uniforms. If the individual/group is not familiar with formats and media, the branding team will provide direction based on the description of the project. Please include the type of material that will be used as a base for the application in your description. For example: “Our project is the professional logo on a white, vinyl banner” or “Our project is the Athletic logo on a green t-shirt.

A proof of the work will need to be provided to the Branding team for approval and prior to production. Request forms can be found in the front office or linked above or RHS Brand Usage Form. If you have any questions, they can be directed to Pam Nitzken at

We are all caretakers of the Roswell High School Brand. Thank you for making us One
Roswell and for your continued support of our community. Go Hornets!!

Pam Nitzken, Chair!
PTSA Campus Improvement!